The Missing Piece: Why continued neglect of pneumonia threatens the achievement of health goals


Released by JustActions, 12 November 2018.


"Despite progress in reducing child pneumonia deaths, many countries still have a long way to go to end preventable child deaths by 2030. Others are facing rising deaths among adults, and especially among the elderly, and some are challenged with large “double burdens” of pneumonia deaths among both children and the elderly.


In addition to offering course-correction strategies, this report recommends that high-burden countries should introduce pneumonia control strategies to fully protect their most vulnerable populations with the pneumonia-fighting vaccines (Hib, PCV, measles, and RSV, when available), and ensure access to proper diagnosis and treatment, including access to pulse oximetry and oxygen therapy, recommended antibiotics, and therapeutic foods, where necessary. Focused action is also needed to reduce the major risk factors for pneumonia death, especially child wasting, air pollution, and preterm birth among children, and smoking and alcohol use among adults. 



The Missing Piece Report will be officially launched on World Pneumonia Day, November 12th. Please support its wide distribution on social media using the hashtags, #stoppneumonia, #everybreathcounts, #vaccineswork, #UHC, #PrimaryHealthCare, and #HealthforAll. The report will be hosted on the website."


Access the full report here




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