New York Times Releases Article Introducing Butterfly iQ As Diagnostic Tool For Early Stage Pneumonia


The New York Times has just published an article featuring a new and exciting pneumonia diagnostic tool: Butterfly iQ. The Butterfly iQ scanners are primarily used to check for pneumonia, which is a major killer of children in poor countries and is frequently misdiagnosed. However, Dr. Cherniak and his team have found other exciting uses for the device. 


"The Butterfly is about the size of an electric shaver. It is battery-powered and contains microchips rather than piezoelectric crystals, so it usually won’t break if dropped. (That was accidentally tested a few times during a week that a reporter spent in rural Uganda with Dr. Cherniak’s team.)

For Butterfly Network, the Connecticut company that makes it, the profitable target customers are doctors and nurses who can afford a $2,000 device that fits in a coat pocket and is as portable as a stethoscope. But the scanner also has huge potential in rural Africa, Asia and Latin America, where the nearest X-ray machine may be hours away and the only CT and MRI scanners may be in the nation’s capital."


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Saturday, 18 January 2020