Newly released: WHO Operational Guide on Child Death Audits


The WHO recently released new guidelines, "Improving the quality of paediatric care: an operational guide for facility-based audit and review of paediatric mortality," to Child Health Task Force members. 


"This new publication is focused on improving pediatric quality of care by providing guidance for establishing and conducting pediatric death audits and reviews. It assists health providers to identify patterns of morbidity, mortality, modifiable factors, and interventions to improve quality of care and outcomes in health facilities. As quality of care is a cross-cutting theme across our Child Health Task Force subgroups, we hope these guidelines may be of use in your work. Investigating a child's death shows the bereaved family and the community that the life of each child is important, the death is being taken seriously, and health workers are committed to learning and improving their practice."


Access the new guidelines here





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Monday, 16 December 2019