Gavi sets US$7·4 billion replenishment target


Above, photo provided by Daphnee Cook / Save the Children. Susan, 4 months, receives a vaccination with the help of her mother Rebecca, 33.




Published September 7, 2019


"In the next 5 years, Gavi aims to vaccinate 300 million children and will have a greater focus on building primary health-care systems. Ann Danaiya Usher reports. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance—a donor-financed alliance of public and private sector contributors that was established in 2000 to make vaccines available to children in the poorest countries—is gearing up for its fifth replenishment. Since its inception, Gavi has financed vaccines for more than 750 million children, with funding coming mainly from donors from high-income countries and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which provided the initial grant. Gavi estimates that, so far, 13 million lives have been saved through its support for routine immunisation programmes and campaigns. Since 2000, Gavi has received US$17 billion in financing.

Gavi's funding request for donors for the next 5 years is $7·4 billion, about the same amount as for the last round. The investment case for 2021–25, which was launched in Japan last week, outlines how Gavi plans to increase its range of vaccines from 11 to 18, and to scale up the number of children vaccinated to 300 million, saving 7–8 million lives over the next 5 years. Responding to stagnating vaccine coverage, the agency will also have a “robust focus” on communities with the lowest vaccination coverage. And, for the first time, the organisation will explore expanding its mandate to include middle-income countries (MICs), where vaccination coverage is falling relative to the poorest countries.
With $2 billion in assets in 2019, the agency will have $9·4 billion in resources if it achieves the replenishment target."
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