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The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation harnesses advances in science and technology to save lives in developing countries. They work with partners to deliver proven tools and discover groundbreaking new solutions that support the development of integrated health solutions for family planning, nutrition, and maternal and child health.



Digital Health Global Grand Challenge

In the Emerging Technologies for New Solutions in Global Health call for proposals, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation seeks ideas that apply an emerging technology – or a combination of emerging technologies – for new and potentially transformative solutions in global health priority areas.

The foundation will give out $100,000 USD grants to 50 organizations that can provide new ways of improving outcomes in:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Disease surveillance
  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Child growth and development
  • Vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics


Apply Now: Deadline is April 10, 2019

If you are selected for a $100,000 USD grant, you may have an opportunity to apply for follow-on grant funding up to $1 million USD.



Illustrative Digital Health Solutions

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is interested in different types of applications of emerging technologies to improve global health outcomes, including (but not limited to):

  • Artificial intelligence for image analysis of human patients (e.g., fetal ultrasound, infant optical neuroimaging, or infant video data) or human biosamples (e.g., tissue sample microscopy or placental morphology) to reveal predictive biomarkers of adverse health outcomes or correlates of resilience
  • Wearable sensors to provide early indicators of treatment response, to identify causal factors underlying adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes, or to continuously monitor systemic metabolites to understand baselines and temporal fluctuation for biomarkers of health and disease
  • Augmented reality to improve the quality of patient care through interactive guidance for diagnostic procedures
  • Virtual reality to simulate host-pathogen interactions for insights into the design of agents to protect against infectious disease
  • Geospatial mapping to understand and predict temporal changes in disease burden and design geographically-targeted interventions.



Grant Funding Evaluation Criteria

Each proposal that meets the grant funding selection criteria will be evaluated by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation with the highest priority given to proposals that:

  • Represent potentially transformative approaches that would not have been funded by mechanisms focusing on individual technologies or subject areas
  • Represent new perspectives on the problem being targeted, including applying insights from fields outside the priority global health areas that are the subject of this challenge



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