Above, photo by Peter Casamento: FREO2 Uganda team in Mbarara. From (L) to (R) Frank Kiwanuka, Sandrah, Ivan Muhumuza, Sheillah Mutetire Bagayana and Patrick Semata.  by Roger Rassool, physicist at the University of Melbourne and co-founder of the FREO2 Foundation     Imagination is more important than knowledge. This was confirmed for me during a
Above: Neha Thakur, 25, poses with her 7 month old baby, Vanita. ©Gates Archive/Mansi Midha By Keith Klugman, Director, Pneumonia, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation   Many of us who work in global health were drawn to the field by a desire to create a more equitable world. It is this desire that fuels our efforts to level the playing field for ch
by Evangelyn Nkwopara, Senior Research Manager and Clinical Trials Specialist at Save the Children US   It is 7:30AM in a small district hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi, and the pediatric triage unit is packed full of anxious parents seeking care for their sick infants or children. Here a dedicated team of research nurses and clinicians, part of the I
Above: Following the introduction of the vaccine in Fiji, fewer people in the community carried the vaccinated types of pneumococcus. Picture: Australian High Commission, Suva By Associate Professor Fiona Russell, University of Melbourne.  First published on 13 November 2018 in Health & Wellbeing .     Each year, about 650,000 children under th
IMAGE: PNEUMONIA IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH OF CHILDREN GLOBALLY. (UNITED NATIONS PHOTO/FLICKR.COM/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)   Authored by the Every Breath Counts Coalition    Is it our imagination or was it harder than ever to get the media to pay attention to pneumonia this World Pneumonia Day? Despite the best efforts of all who worked hard to get cov
By Associate Professor Fiona Russell, University of Melbourne Published in PURSUIT , University of Melbourne. 13 November 2018.      This week, we marked World Pneumonia Day . Pneumonia is the single largest infectious cause of death in children worldwide , and about one-third of all childhood deaths from pneumonia are a result of the pneumococcal
Towards Elimination of Pneumococcal Disease by Mark Alderson, Director of the Pneumococcal Vaccine Project at PATH, photos by Lauren Newhouse (PATH) and Mark Alderson (PATH)   Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) have now been introduced into many countries throughout the world, including in nearly 60 Gavi supported countries where these vaccines
This year, we want your World Pneumonia Day to be more impactful than ever! Here are 10 things you can do to make your contribution to World Pneumonia Day 2018:     Send at least one item of content about your pneumonia-related work to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for inclusion on the official WPD website www.stoppneumonia.org . Remember this is th
World Pneumonia Day 2018   Making progress: our fight against pneumonia We have come a long way in reducing child mortality by pneumonia. In 2006, UNICEF/WHO released their “ Pneumonia, the Forgotten Killer of Children ” report, revealing a death toll of 2 million children each year. Today, it is estimated that pneumonia takes the lives of 880,000
by Global Strategies      Chalkboard: Oxygen saturation Knowing it is low doesn’t tell you what it means ‍ Imagine that a friend calls you on the phone. He just got his driver’s license today and tells you this: “I am driving and noticed a light is on that looks like a gas pump. What does it mean?” You might respond like this: “It means that you ar