About Us

Pneumonia is the leading infectious cause of death among children under five globally, claiming an estimated 920,000 children's lives each year - 16% of all under-5 deaths (Liu et al, 2016). Driving these deaths close to zero in every country and achieving the ambitious new Sustainable Development Goal 3.2 by 2030 will require innovation at a scale not seen before. The Pneumonia Innovations Network (PIN) is a global network of more than 1000 individuals representing organizations with a commitment to increase the development and adoption of innovative tools and approaches with the greatest potential to reduce child deaths from pneumonia, accelerating progress to the global goal.

The PIN has a special focus on five critical areas of innovation:

  1. Diagnostics/prognostics
  2. Pulse oximeters and oxygen therapy
  3. Antimicrobials
  4. Nutrition
  5. Reduction of household air pollution
The PIN also hosts regular webinar events that promote cross-talk and dialogue around multi-faceted approaches to reducing the burden of child pneumonia. A recent webinar speaker offered the following testimonial: 

"Several webinar attendees are already connecting with us; this discussion certainly fostered collaboration across projects!" ‚Äč

We aim to achieve unprecedented levels of collaboration among innovators, universities, companies, foundations, UN agencies, governments and investors to improve the availability, quality, and affordability of pneumonia prevention, diagnostic and treatment innovations for children. This group is chaired by Leith Greenslade (JustActions) and Amy Ginsburg (University of Washington) and provides a platform for the sharing of information, the testing of new ideas, and the building of transformative partnerships. Please join us.

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