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01 March 2019
Photo by PA/ Getty ImagesBy Kashmira Gander, published on 30 January 2019. Featured in Newsweek, 01 March 2019.  A 1986 essay written by the late Charlie and the Chocolate Factory author Roald Dahl about his daughter dying of measles has been shared ...
01 March 2019
Above, MamaOpe team in a focus group discussion with caregivers, village health team members, and opinion leaders. by Olivia Koburongo, inventor and co-founder of MamaOpe Medicals Limited  “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work ba...
01 February 2019
Above, photo by Peter Casamento: FREO2 Uganda team in Mbarara. From (L) to (R) Frank Kiwanuka, Sandrah, Ivan Muhumuza, Sheillah Mutetire Bagayana and Patrick Semata. by Roger Rassool, physicist at the University of Melbourne and co-founder of the FRE...
02 January 2019
Above: Neha Thakur, 25, poses with her 7 month old baby, Vanita. ©Gates Archive/Mansi MidhaBy Keith Klugman, Director, Pneumonia, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Many of us who work in global health were drawn to the field by a desire to create a...


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01 March 2019
Above, photo by Ellery Lamm, Save the Children: Moriam, 15 months sits with her mom, Dali, and sister Bristi, 5, in their home in Barisal district. Moriam had and survived pneumonia.  A COMMENT FROM THE COORDINATORWith some new and exciting partnerships to report, collaboration is the theme for March 2019. This month’s newsletter features announcements of two new partnerships: the Pneumonia Innovations Network is partnering with the American Thoracic Society to raise pneumonia awareness, and Ear...


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Above, photo submitted by Keith Klugman, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


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Ting Shi, University of Edinburgh: ”Global disease burden estimate of RSV in young children”


Above, photo submitted by Kawsar Talaat, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health  Talks by:Tim Uyeki (Influenza Division, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention): “Influenza and Influenza-associated Pneumonia in Children” ...
Talks by:Cammie Lee and Taylor Salisbury (Results for Development/ R4D): “Measuring Pediatric Pneumonia Diagnosis Rates: An Application of Lung Ultrasound in Tanzanian Children Under Five” Tony Gades (Philips): “Philips Lumify Handheld Ultrasound: A ...


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